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Transmitter Range
Prices correct as at September 2013, but subject to change - call for latest prices.
Prices shown exclude post and packaging which will be charged additionally.

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3v Falcon (leg mount only)

Weight 3.2g
Transmitter length 25mm
Overall length (incl. antenna) 173 MHz - 193mm
  216 MHz**  - 228mm
Battery duration (cont. transmission) 3.5days
Range (approx) 1 mile

3v Falcon (standard power)

Weight 9.5g
Transmitter length 45mm
Overall length (incl. antenna) 173 MHz - 305mm
  216 MHz** - 270mm
Battery duration (cont. transmission) 5 days
Range (approx) 3 - 4 miles

3v Falcon (high power)

Weight 12g
Transmitter length 45mm
Overall length (incl. antenna) 173 MHz - 300mm
  216 MHz**  - 265mm
Battery duration (cont. transmission) 10-15 days
Range (approx) 4 - 5 miles

3v Dog Collar

Weight 12g excl. collar
Transmitter length 45mm
Antenna installed within collar  
Battery duration (cont. transmission)  10-15 days
Range (approx)  1.5 mile
** 216MHz Transmitters:
216MHz transmitters are for direct export only to countries where 216MHz is a legal tracking frequency. Under no circumstances can 216MHz product be used in the UK or Europe without a license from the relevant authorities.